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Premium Features

Unlimited Content

Unlimited Activities
Unlimited access to both premium and free activities (just like Netflix for movies). Assign any number of activities to a maximum of 180 students. Try, test, experiment, explore without feeling constrained.

If you manage more than 180 students on just your account, you may purchase additional classrooms and have the same unlimited access to activities.

Student authoring

Student As Authors
Students create activities and interact with each other's creations. Creating activities fosters critical thinking & deeper learning while motivating students to share their work amongst their peers.
May Pages

Richer Activities With More Pages
You can create activities with 12 activity pages. You can go in depth on each topic while providing the contextual prompts that aid in learning, retention & thinking skills.

Premium Features & Benefits

With a premium upgrade, you and your students have unlimited access to creation tools and created activities.

Premium Free
Unlimited activities & unlimited assignments.

Benefit: Unlimited access eliminates your worries on how often you want to use this tool.

Limited to 150 activity assignments.
Access to all "paid" pre-created activities. This is akin to getting unlimited content on Netflix.

Benefit: Sharing your expertise with others and leveraging other teachers' expertise makes learning efficient for all.

Access to only "free" pre-created activities.
You have 12 activity pages for each activity you create.

Benefit: Having more activity pages in an activity makes your activity elaborate, deep and immersive.

6 activity pages per activity.
Students can author activities. E.g. if you conduct PBL, then your students can demonstrate their learning by creating an activity and sharing it.

Benefit: Student expression of learning fosters higher-order thinking. Peer feedback leads to deeper understanding especially in middle and high school.

Students do not have access to authoring tool.