How it Works

What is ActivityCircle?

ActivityCircle is a technology platform designed for
  • curating & creating
  • assigning & reviewing
  • collaborating & sharing
  • interacting
  • with learning activities.

    Teachers assign activities to students.

    Students learn by interacting with activities aligned with their learning objectives.

    Teacher-authors inspire students, fellow teachers and parents by creating activities and modeling learning.

    Student-authors demonstrate learning by creating activities & sharing with their peers and teachers.

    Who is ActivityCircle for?

    Teacher Author

    Emily is a teacher who loves authoring educational activities for students all over the world. She uses ActivityCircle's authoring tool to create activities for use in classrooms.

    ActivityCircle is for the author, publisher & entrepreneur in every educator.

    Teacher authors earn when others use their activities.
    Classroom Teacher

    Molly is a 1st Grade teacher using technology in her classroom to enhance student's skills. She selects activities, adds them to her library, assigns them to her students & reviews their work.

    ActivityCircle is for educators - teachers, homeschooling parents & tutors who enhance learning using technology tools.


    Drew is a curious student. His teacher Molly assigns him activities that allow him to build knowledge, practice his skills and demonstrate his understanding. He also creates his own activities and shares them with his friends & family, thereby thinking critically, questioning, applying his learning and having fun at that.

    ActivityCircle student app is for students in grades K through 12.

    Why ActivityCircle?


    Teachers & Students as Publishers
    Simple, curriculum based authoring tools empower teachers & students to create, publish & share activities efficiently.
    Differentiated Learning

    Differentiated Learning
    Teachers can assign different activities to different students facilitating differentiated learning.

    Sharing activities with fellow teachers, entire school district and even across school districts dramatically improves teaching & learning experience.
    App Safe

    ActivityCircle student app
    is a safe, self-contained, distraction-free learning & creation app for students.

    Watch over your students and get reports on their interactions & performance in the app.

    Full Circle
    ActivityCircle facilitates teaching & learning by connecting the dots between creating lessons, assigning to students, student activity and review.

    How do I get started with ActivityCircle?

    Sign up for an account on ActivityCircle. Setup classroom with student profiles. Search for activities and assign to students.
    iPad App

    ActivityCircle student app is available as a web app used on desktop computers and as an iPad app. On a desktop, access the student app by clicking here. On your iPad, install the free ActivityCircle student app. Students use this app to create and interact with activities!

    Using your ActivityCircle account, you can author activities for your classroom and share with others.

    How are teachers using ActivityCircle?

    Emily Kissner, a 4th Grade teacher, uses ActivityCircle to teach concepts around expository text structure.

    Donna Miller, a library teacher, uses ActivityCircle for reviewing important concepts from a book that her students read.

    Melissa Vandermolen, a technology teacher, uses ActivityCircle for small group instruction and for personalizing high interest content to motivate students.

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