ActivityCircle Student App

ActivityCircle Student App

Your students use ActivityCircle student app (formerly known as: Activity Spot) to interact with the activities you assign them and for creating their own activities.
For iPads, use ActivityCircle iPad app.
For Chromebooks, Macs & PCs, use ActivityCircle web-based student app.

The student app presents your activities to students in an interactive, game-like format making learning engaging and delightful. It provides students a safe, clean interface for creating activities and sharing them.

Students create activities like quizzes, concept maps, sequencing, open-ended questions, drawing and scaffolded writing within this app.

Get some ideas from teachers already harnessing the power of ActivityCircle.

How do I use it?

Download app on iPads. On computers with a mouse, interact with our web app.

Classroom Teacher

Your classroom profile page ( requires sign-up ) has access codes. Enter a student access code in the app to interact with assigned activities and create new ones.



Engage your students. Inspire them to create & share.