Basics Answered

What is ActivityCircle?

ActivityCircle is a web-based platform for K-12 teachers to create , share and publish interactive educational activities. Teachers can become sellers of premium activities, earning by sharing their expertise.

ActivityCircle student app - one for iPad and another a web app, are free apps for K-12 students. Students interact with the activities their teachers assign them on these apps. Students can also create their own activities and share them.

Who is it for?

ActivityCircle is for K-12 educators (classroom teachers, homeschooling parents, tutors) and their students.

How do I use it?

Read about how ActivityCircle works here. You can get started on using ActivityCircle here here.

What can I use ActivityCircle for?

You can use ActivityCircle

  1. as a teaching tool to explain concepts using multimedia
  2. as a reinforcement tool with interactive activities for understanding & interpreting concepts
  3. as a differentiating tool to assign different activities to students based on interest or ability
  4. as a tool to scaffold writing using prompts
  5. as a tool to spur creativity in students using open-ended writing & drawing
  6. as a vehicle to showcase higher-order thinking skills by giving students the opportunity to create their own activities
In general, ActivityCircle is a set of building blocks that you as a teacher can use to assemble any sort of activity that is deeply integrated with your daily lessons.
Visit ActivityCircle blog to read posts by teachers for more concrete implementation ideas.

How does ActivityCircle help with differentiated & personalized learning?

We believe that teachers are best judges of a student's capability. Teachers can assign different activities to different students based on their judgement, allowing for differentiated learning.

Usage FAQ

I am a teacher. How easy is it to author activities?

Super easy! All you need is your ideas for an activity and your typing skills. ActivityCircle's template based authoring system allows you as a teacher to focus on content & pedagogy, leaving technical details of interactivity to the platform. In this blog post, a teacher talks about her process for creating an interactive activities.

How long will it take for me to create an activity?

Teachers have created activities in 1 to 2 minutes and teachers have created elaborate activities for 30 minutes. A simple drawing activity takes a minute or less to setup. A quiz or a graphical organizer activity may take 2-10 minutes to setup once you have the content. The great part is, once you have setup you have it forever. You never have to rely on photocopiers, collecting paper-based student work or worry about how long you should retain student work.

Okay, love it! How do I get started?

Great! First sign up for a free ActivityCircle account. Activate your account and login. Then, use this link to get started. If there are any questions, please feel free to email us or chat online!

Can I view reports on student performance and their responses for various activities?

Yes! You can view reports and responses in real-time. Click here to read more.

Have other questions on authoring, activity assignment, activity deletion etc?

We have a living document answering your questions. Click here to view it. If this doesn't answer your question, email us. We will respond ASAP and add your question with the answers to this document!

Premium Activities & Teacher Earnings

As a teacher author of an activity, how do I earn?

Teachers can become sellers of activities on ActivityCircle. You may associate a price with an activity. When other users of the platform purchase your activity, you earn. You also earn when premium, paying users of ActivityCircle use your activity.

Why should I become a seller?

  • As a seller-author, you create activities that engage and inspire not only your students but students worldwide.
  • Create value for all educators and students and be compensated for it.
  • Get the recognition you deserve.
  • Establish your presence as an innovation driven teacher.
  • Why purchase a premium activity?

  • Use an activity that has been classroom-tested by the teacher-author.
  • Give the teacher-author a thumbs-up for her/his work.
  • How does one purchase & use a premium activity?

  • You specify credit card information for purchase.
  • Your credit card information is securely processed by Stripe, a payment processing company. ActivityCircle does not store your credit card information but Stripe stores it securely, so you have to enter the information just once.
  • Once your credit card information is specified, you may confirm purchase of the activity.
  • Once you do that, you will be able to assign the premium activity to a specific number of students. Currently, the number is 50. You can make 50 unique assignments to student profiles across classrooms you have setup on ActivityCircle.
  • Once you reach your maximum number, you will have to re-purchase the activity for additional set of assignments.
  • Premium users have no limit on number of assignment of premium activities for the period when their premium upgrade is valid.
  • Premium Upgrade

    What is premium upgrade?

    Premium upgrade offers additional features for paying users of ActivityCircle. These features include unlimited premium and free activities making ActivityCircle a Netflix-like service for interactive educational activities. The other major feature is student authoring. Student created activities can be assigned to other students enabling peer-to-peer learning.

    Is this a subscription service?

    Premium upgrade is offered as a 12 month upgrade for a single payment. You may choose to extend your premium upgrade at any time.

    Do you have a monthly premium plan?

    No, there is no monthly plan. We think teachers and students get the best value from ActivityCircle when using it regularly for at least 1 year. We strive to offer you a premium, valuable service with unlimited content at the lowest price possible, while compensating the teacher-authors who are part of this effort.